A L L U V I U M   S E R I E S      [ k i n e t i c   p h o t o g r a p h s ]


sand leaf sand
s u r f a c e l e a f s a n d
  [ p h o t o s ]   [ e x h i b i t s ]   [ a e s t h e t i c s ]   [ i n t e r v i e w ]   [ p r o j e c t s ]  
  [ H O M E ]         *         [ M U S I X   s i t e ]   [ B O O K S   s i t e ]

© - lateral imaging




Simultaneous experience of sounds and Slow-evolving Video


Slow-evolving Vvideos (are projected) onto Water's Surface


Water’s Surface undulated by low-freuency Speakers


Speakers are playing music generated from the photographs using the process of Sonification


Sonification requires Compound Perception (seeing, hearing, feeling- combined) resulting in Non-linear Perception


Non-linear perception can induce Lateral Thinking, aka Lateral Imaging


Lateral Imaging is where the visuals create the sound that creates the visuals in Recipocity


Reciprocity occurs not because they are creating each other but because they are all the same thing,


Everything is one!
                    (Unified Field Theory describing a Holographic Universe?)